OMG Bears

Stemming from an inside joke so complex not even we know what's going on anymore—Herein lie all things that are both good and bears. (All blogged items, images, etc. are not our own unless otherwise stated. Original authors are given credit, cited and linked where possible.)
Say what??

OMG. It’s been a while. So, a bear riding a getaway shark. Enjoy.

Watch for bears in Shenandoah National Park… and on the bumpers of Virginia-licensed cars.

buckoftheirish said: Please tell me you are Julia because if not I think I found a parallel universe version of her

Sorry to say we’re not Julia!

Apparently this was on a bus advertising tourism opportunities in Montana. Road trip, anyone?

Finally, a little nature lesson that makes ALL the sense in the world.

I won’t question it if you won’t.

I specifically asked for green party hats. Somebody’s gonna pay for this.

(Source: bella-bohemia)

Screen capture from the YouTube video “Beard With Glue,” a Bad Lip Reading interpretation of James Blunt’s “Beautiful.”

Why yes, that is a friendly-looking bear in a Station Master’s uniform.

Part of the holiday display (or maybe/I hope he’s there permanently?!) at beautiful Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri.

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